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Augmented with airiness and vintage image-making style, visually telling stories.

All memories are a great work of art. They say, in the end, everything in the world ends up becoming a photograph. Or a painting. Or a great work of virtuosity. All art is created by humans, inspired by humans and is originated from the remains of humans.

The Photo Diary invented itself from this very humanistic as well as contemporary art of photography and videography.

The Photo diary believes in the art of reconnoitering human emotions and in scripting it in the form of colorful and monochrome images which becomes a source of joy in the present and nostalgia in the future.

For The Photo Diary, shimmering glory in the eyes of the crowd and rustling of hands in the form of claps when the artists end performing on the stage is an art. The tender look in the eyes of a bride on the wedding day is an art. The allure of people on a fashion event and their endearing attempts to give a perfect smile is an art. It is on look for all those candid expressions and gestures, which goes unnoticed otherwise amongst people celebrating their lives. The Photo Diary is searching for the laugh, tears of joy, feeling of glory, sense of amazement, the get-up-and-go for it moment, vivacity and dynamism in people and wishes to capture it for them and carve out a photo diary for forever.

Monisha Ajgaonkar
Founder & Director
Our Services


Wedding Candid Photography:

The tender look in the eyes of a bride on her wedding day. The excitement for the new life that awaits her. The anticipation of the millions of memories yet to be made. The love for her husband to be. All captured in beautiful still photograph.

Wedding Films:

Capturing the first days of the beginning of the life long journey that awaits, the build up to the most special moment in a couple’s lives – their wedding. All the madness, the excitement, the crazy dancing, the drunken debacles, the fun, the frenzy, the glory, the pure joy, the tears and the goodbyes – all weaved into one extra special bundle of memories to cherish forever.

Pre-wedding Couple Photography:

The Photo Diary believes that every couple deserves to have a picture perfect, fairytale moment that can be framed and put up as the centre of attraction in their living room! Hence, we bring to you professional, specialised pre-wedding couple portraits custom created to suit your fancy!

VIDEO BOOTH/photo booth:

Quirk up your party – big or small – with this wonderful magic stall, which is a sure shot hit. Play dress up, find your inner ninja (or blonde or Superman) and go for the kill.


Every wedding has a story. And every such story needs to be told. We make it happen, through this novel concept of putting together your very own book. Yes, it’s YOUR book.

Fashion Photography:

The glitz, the glamour and the razzle-dazzle of the fashion world. Taking the perfect shot is an art. And this art is not easily perfected – it takes, the perfect lighting, the perfect angle, the perfect vision. At The Photo Diary, we have a team of such visionaries determined to deliver photographic excellence.

Events & Gigs:

The sheer joy in the eyes of the crowd; the hooting, cheering and rustling of hands in the form of claps…to capture a crowd surrender themselves to the sound of their favourite artists is an art in itself.

Corporate Films:

Corporate video production doesn’t have to be dull.Here at The Photo Diary we take the time to understand your objectives and get behind your brand so as to make your corporate video production shine out from the crowd.

Product Photography:

With numerous photography styles, from still life fashion to model photography, full room set shots and smaller cameo shots, product, food and location work, The Photo Diary supplies versatile images for selling your clothing, food, products, furniture or interiors.



Worked With:

  • Vero moda
  • The Blue Frog
  • Rolling Stone
    Yuva Magazine & Man’s
  • Butter Events
  • Creative Co
  • Cream Events
  • Nivea
  • Levis
  • Jean Claude Biguine
  • VH1
  • HP
  • Reliance Entertainment
  • Myntra
  • Bombay Times
  • Mid Day
  • Sunburn festival
  • MTDC
  • HT Brunch
  • Big M
  • F-Bar
  • Apex
  • Pepsi Mtv Indies
  • Orion Entertainment

How I started photography:

When I was studying at JJ School of Arts I felt I was not learning much there, so I spent a lot of time on Youtube to learn more about photography and I also freelanced with magazines and event companies. I then made the transition to wedding photography and I now run my own company The Photo Diary which offers all photography and cinematography services.

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